Behavioral Insights and Trends for Millennials in the UK, France and Germany

Examining this demographic group’s digital life

Young adults ages 18 to 34 in the UK, France and Germany are a crucial demographic group. Millennials in these countries have grown up with the internet and an ever-increasing spectrum of digital devices. However, they still combine their digital habits with consumption of TV and other traditional media.

Millennials in all three countries are also champion smartphone users, not least because these devices enable them to carry out a variety of work and leisure activities from almost anywhere.\

Millennials have long been a prime target for advertisers and marketers. The youngest ones are just entering the working world, and the combination of rising incomes and a willingness to experiment with new products and services is highly attractive to brands. In the digital era, though, millennials’ expectations are higher than ever.

Millennials’ use of digital media, devices, social media, ecommerce platforms, engagement with brands and more are examined in a new report from eMarketer, “Marketing to Millennials in France, Germany and the UK: Behavioral Insights and Marketer Trends.”

For instance, some millennials in these countries are abandoning Facebook for trendier, mobile-first social platforms. A report on millennial behavior and preferences by Accenture quotes one respondent as saying, “[Facebook has] kind of died down.” In the context of Western Europe, this is especially true in the UK.

eMarketer estimates that Snapchat’s UK user base will reach 14.0 million in 2017, which works out to roughly one-third of all smartphone users. Instagram will be further ahead, with 16.7 million users this year. These platforms are fun, visual and much more intimate than the more established broadcast-style networks like Facebook and Twitter—attributes that appeal to smartphone-savvy millennials.

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Source: eMarketer