Content: The H2O of Marketing

Learn how marketers create and manage a brand’s most essential resource

Content is arguably a marketer’s most vital natural resource: it sustains the marketing activities that connect businesses with customers and drive business outcomes. Content is to business what water is to life: an essential element for health and growth. But how are global companies planning for and managing the abundance of today’s digital content?

In an inaugural study, Accenture Interactive surveyed over 1,000 executives from 17 countries and 14 industries to better understand their attitudes, insights and strategies for managing digital content now and in the future.

The study revealed that marketers universally agree that digital content is an organizational priority, and recognize the opportunity to prepare for the future – from rethinking content strategy to streamlining day-to-day operations – but are still challenged with how to do it effectively.

Content is Key for Brand Survival

Because of the universal need for real-time, rapidly available content, marketers are not hesitating to create their own.

53% of the respondents say that they still produce most of their content locally today. However, 83% believe that 2 years from now they will produce more content globally.

With customer experience always top of mind for marketing and brand functions, individual teams often look to own the message, frequency and distribution of digital content, which can lead to silos with the organization and contribute to inefficient processes.

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Source: Accenture, Accenture Digital