Emotion Drives Experience At Each Stage Of The Customer Journey

It all starts by knowing what your customers expect and giving it to them. It is not more complicated than that.

Successful brand leaders know that attracting loyal customers isn’t just about the product. It’s about offering an experience that creates an emotional connection between the customer and brand.

This emotional connection is what keeps customers returning long-term. In fact, emotion is now the No. 1 driver of customer experience, according to Forrester.

This means that consumers today have a more personal and reciprocal relationship with their favorite brands. Brands that tap into these emotional expectations at all stages of the customer journey—whether they’re reaching new customers or engaging with loyal, returning customers—will reap the financial benefits.

But it’s clear that many brands miss the mark when it comes to their CX strategies. That might be because leaders simply do not understand what is important to customers, as revealed by InMoment’s 2017 CX Trends Report. This annual study surveyed 20,000 consumers and 10,000 CX leaders across 12 countries and analyzed areas of customer experience alignment between consumers and brands, as well as disconnects.

The results revealed the gaps between what customers actually want and what brands think customers want. A simple but fundamental misunderstanding can lead brands astray when planning for a strong CX strategy. So what can brands learn?

Stop Making It So Complicated

As it turns out, “satisfied” (38%) is the top emotion consumers feel when they describe great experiences. It’s also the top emotion (40%) they associate with brands to which they are loyal. With all of the talk about the “empowered consumer” and their rising expectations, it’s common for brands to feel and act as if there’s no way to win.

In turning to the unstructured customer comments also included in the study, we found a more encouraging truth: Most customers simply want what they believe they’ve been promised.
Unfortunately, only 29% of brands ranked satisfaction as the top factor in customer loyalty, overvaluing “feeling important” and “being a part of something special.” In an attempt to offer great, differentiated experiences, many brands deliver the wrong value to customers.

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Source: CMO