For Some Marketers, Digital Transformation Is Still in the Early Stages

Many have yet to clearly define their digital marketing strategy

Some businesses are still unsure of what it really means to digitally transform their company, as well as what it truly requires.

But a study from Technology for Marketing (TFM) and Smart Insights found that some marketers are beginning to adopt digital transformation programs to keep up with ever-changing technologies and evolving consumer expectations.

Roughly one-fifth (21%) of the marketers surveyed globally in April had already started a digital transformation program, and 9% already had one in place for two years.

Meanwhile, one-third of respondents were planning to adopt a digital transformation program within the next year.
But that’s not to say everyone is open to the idea of digital transformation. Indeed, nearly four in 10 marketers in the survey said they had no plans to run such a program.

Many may be hesitant because they haven’t clearly defined their digital marketing strategy—and some are likely still figuring it out. For example, the TFM and Smart Insights found that only 6% of marketers considered their company’s digital marketing integration completely optimized.

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Source: Emarketer