Global Content Marketing: How Central + Local Teams Can Find the Right Balance

For a global content marketing strategy to be effective in a large and complex enterprise, central and local teams must find the right balance.

Just deploying a content marketing model across multiple regions will simply not work – even if you’ve successfully tested it in one country. In most regions, like Asia or Europe, for example, where there are dozens of countries and languages, it is unrealistic to expect that global and local teams will work together seamlessly from the beginning. It takes time for them to plan, pilot, iterate, and find the right global to local balance.

In this article, we’ll discuss how you can find that balance. Let’s start by defining the key terms:

  • Central: the corporate (or “head”) division of a company.
  • Local: regions or countries where the company has a presence. In large enterprises, marketers might refer to these areas as “markets,” “geographies,” or “geos.”
  • Global: worldwide or cross-regional programs, or a combination of regions or countries where the company has a presence.
  • 3 Models for Global Content Marketing

In general, a company’s organisational setup and business model shape the content marketing model that it adopts. Here’s a look at the three most common models:

The Centralised Model

In centralised organisations, the corporate team generally determines the strategy and directions, while local teams execute.

With this model, the central team needs to understand the type of content that each market needs. Often, it will recruit team members or agencies at the local levels to create and adapt content for that region.

The central team’s role may evolve as the program matures. In early stages, the central team leads content strategy and production, flowing information and assets outward. As the program matures, the central team shifts to more of an advisory role, providing guidance on how local teams can build up their content skills and competencies.

At NewsCred, we evangelise a concept called the “Content Centre of Excellence” (CCE). The CCE serves as a liaison between the central and local teams. The central team will still deliver the overarching strategy. But the CCE promotes best practices and sheds transparency on the content production and distribution processes. A CCE team would ideally exist in each region. This way, each country has a dedicated content support centre.

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Source: NewsCred