How Artificial Intelligence Could Change Attribution Tools

The marketing technology landscape is busy, but there isn’t a solution out there for everything.

Multitouch attribution solutions that help marketers map their customers’ path to purchase, for example, are still scarce. Julie Lyle, chief revenue officer at acquisition marketing platform DemandJump, spoke with eMarketer’s Maria Minsker about how artificial intelligence (AI) could improve attribution solutions and enable marketers to paint a fuller picture of the customer journey.

eMarketer: What’s missing from the marketing technology landscape today?

Julie Lyle: There are over 5,000 different marketing technology tools in the marketplace today, but more than 90% of them are pointed at retention, cross-selling, upselling and loyalty—extracting the greatest value from a customer or a prospect once they’ve been identified as such. What’s missing are solutions that are pointed at acquisition, namely solutions that present data that helps marketers make better investment decisions about their marketing spend.

“To truly understand their customers, marketers always have to take a couple of steps back.”
eMarketer: What do these acquisition solutions look like?

Lyle: Companies need acquisition solutions that can look at their brand alongside their competitors and map out an ecosystem that shows what drives interest and engagement. It’s important to map any source that drives traffic to the brand’s or their competitor’s site—that way, it’s possible to map the flow of traffic two or three steps out, and determine when and why customers opt for a competitor.

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Source: Emarketer