How User-Generated Content and Customer Feedback Can Strengthen Your Value Proposition

Contributor Jim Williams says it’s time to really listen to your customers’ words and understand the experience they expect you to deliver.

When it comes to user-generated content, both B2B and B2C brands are seeing impressive results. You may recognize some of these examples on the B2C side. Brands like Red Bull and GoPro have built their brands around user-submitted videos and photos. Starbucks collected 1,200 customer submissions on Instagram with its holiday cup design contest. And T-Mobile said it received 80,000 breakup letters from customers in response to its campaign to get people to switch over from their competitors.

B2B has also gotten into the game; 97 percent of B2B buyers find user-generated content more credible than other content types, according to a Demand Gen Report survey. These kinds of results and numbers demonstrate why it’s so important to communicate with customers in their own language. And in much the same way user-generated content helps add credibility and relevance to your e-books, webinars or blogs, candid feedback from those same customers can help you strengthen your value proposition and your core messaging.

Rethinking customer feedback

Customer feedback can come in many forms: customer surveys, focus groups or meetings with a handful of your top consumers. Typically, this information is used by product management groups to improve their product design, or by product marketers to define value propositions and develop messaging.

Turning this feedback into valuable insights that you can use to drive demand means getting close to your customers and taking the time to listen to their words and their ideas.

Three ways to leverage customer feedback

Really listen to your customers’ words

In today’s always-connected society, it’s almost impossible for companies to get their message heard. With so much noise competing for their attention, buyers are tuning out vendors in favor of their peers and demanding content that is relevant to them.

According to Demand Gen’s 2016 B2B Buyers Survey Report, when B2B buyers visit your website, the first thing they look for is relevant content that speaks directly to them. Right now, your dirty marketing fingerprints are all over that content, and it’s not authentic.

To find out what’s most relevant, you need to ask the right questions, and then really listen to your customers’ answers. Keep asking, “Why?” to get to the root of their pain points. Then pay attention to your customers’ exact words so you can shape your message around those words, instead of writing your own interpretation and risk being tuned out.

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Source: Marketing land