Insurance Content Marketing: How to Create Exceptional Content in a “Boring” Industry

For some brands, defining a content marketing editorial strategy can be challenging.

Follow these four steps to develop engaging content that aligns with your “boring” brand.

1. Revisit Your Brand’s Mission Statement

It’s easy to get caught up figuring out: “What kind of content should an auto insurance company provide?” and lose sight of the real question, which is “What kind of content should this auto insurance company provide?”

Sure, it’s important to ensure that the content you create makes sense coming from a company in your industry.

But it’s even more important to make sure it makes sense coming from your specific brand: Does it align with your mission? What is your brand’s mission, for that matter?

A lot of times, your company’s brand can actually provide the inspiration you need to realize what you should be producing!

2. Consider Your Brand’s Expertise

In “boring” industries, it can feel like you have to choose between topics that you have the authority to talk about – such as safety tips that have been shown to reduce car accidents – and “fun” topics, such as makeup advice (to choose an extreme example).

If I received makeup tips from an auto insurance provider, I’d be very confused. But the biggest question that would come to mind, is “Why would I listen to them for advice about that?” – and that might damage my perception of the brand. Although that’s a wild example, the same questions can emerge with topics that are less of a stretch, such as interesting road trip destinations.

If you want to cover more “fun” topics or other areas where your brand may lack authority, consider ways to make your pieces more credible. Let’s go back to those road trip destinations: By licensing that type of content from reputable sources, like Fodor’s or Fathom, you’ll gain credibility by association. You could also explore other solutions, such as partnering with travel bloggers.

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Source: NewsCreed