Marketers Need Structured Innovation to Achieve Real Progress

Eureka moments must come with discipline to become advances.

Innovation is a powerful force for business success, but big companies can sometimes be too slow to adapt. Corporate red tape, endless rounds of approvals and a general fear of failure foster cultures reluctant to give up on established ideas and solutions, even when they no longer serve the enterprise and its needs.When you walk around a show like CES last month or Mobile World Congress, which opens later this month in Barcelona, Spain, you see lots of technology that has the potential to change the way we work as marketers. We don’t need to panic about voice, AI and changes in transportation, retail and consumer tech, but neither can we stick our heads in the sand.

The solution is to apply new processes to our culture; to make innovation a part of our daily lives as marketers. Ad hoc innovation, the spark of an idea, the eureka moment that creates a one-off piece of excellence, is no longer enough.

We need to be rigorous if we want to create an innovation pipeline. The good news is that marketers can manage innovation in a structured way and that key behavioral changes can vastly improve how effective we are likely to be as innovators.

The first requirement is a new attitude toward risk. No one’s asking you to be carefree with your company’s money, but the old rule that you can learn more from a failed idea than a lucky success truly applies to innovation.

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Source: AdWeek