What Grade Do Marketers Give Their Personalization Efforts?

Are marketers pleased with how they are personalizing their email, Web, and mobile marketing efforts? What grade do they give themselves?

To find out, Evergage surveyed 206 marketers who work at organizations of various sizes about their marketing operations and implementation of personalization.

Most (96%) respondents say personalization helps advance customer relationships, but only 55% say marketers are getting personalization right.

Some 45% of marketers say they are moderately satisfied with their personalization efforts; 24% say they are very satisfied; and 6% say the are extremely satisfied.

When asked to grade their current personalization efforts, 44% of marketers give themselves a B; 31% give their efforts a C; 12%, a D; 10%, an A; and 3%, an F.

Marketers are most satisfied with their Web-application personalization efforts (52% are very or extremely satisfied).  Email—the most personalized channel—is tied with mobile Web for the lowest satisfaction rates (only 39% of respondents say the are very or extremely satisfied with their efforts).

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Source: Marketing Profs