When content marketing outsourcing is a better solution

Content is incredibly effective and useful for marketing and for brand building as a whole.

But obviously, it is not an easy task. There are numerous technical details involved, not to mention writing and marketing skills needed. For content marketing campaigns to succeed marketing needs to invest enough time and resources to execute them properly. However, there are times when not enough resources are available and working with a partner can help the process.

Not having the skills for content

A recent survey shows that 42% of companies do not have the expertise to use content marketing effectively[1]. Writing content needs more than just the ability to write with perfect grammar. You need to have a team with expertise and industry insight to develop thought leadership that links the issues your buyers are facing with your solutions.

Plus, you get the benefit of quality content

Content marketing agencies will have a team of writers who are experts in specific areas — this expertise will enhance the content that is produced and add to the experiences of your team.

It is crucial to work with a partner that understands your value proposition, your market and who will give you the results needed.

Short deadlines

Are you in the situation where you have started building a content marketing plan but are finding that you don’t have enough time to execute?

Content marketing agencies are designed to produce exactly what you need to further your business, whether it’s a blog post, whitepaper, infographic or a content audit. Fortunately, content marketing agencies are customer focused and are stricter with their delivery times. If an agency can deliver quality content and within time, then it is worth every penny.

To maximize the full results of content, consistency is key. So, if you outsource, do make sure that the content marketing agency will give you this consistency, plus the results.

Freeing up time

One of the common reasons companies decide to outsource content marketing is simply because they don’t have the time to develop it. It could be many things, including the many parts of your sales funnel or your production or developing your marketing strategy.  Working with a partner to develop your content will free up your time to focus on more strategic activates and support the growth of your business

This is especially true for start-ups. In most cases, they rather focus on spending all their time and attention on working on their products or services, and leave content marketing to an outsourced team.

Bottom line

Content marketing is only one piece of your business, and developing content can be time-consuming, costly and difficult to accomplish successfully on your own.

Working with an agency that produces high quality, relevant and authentic content consistently can be the solution.

[1] Skilled up for Learners (2015), ‘Closing the Content Marketing Skills Gap with Online Education’