Why your social media audience is critical for content marketing

How do you get your content shared and then reshared? Columnist Mark Traphagen discusses how to cultivate an audience that will help your content spread like wildfire.

If you invest time in creating high-quality content, you want it to get shared far and wide. Few things are more rewarding than seeing your work catch fire across the web. If you’re blogging for business purposes, getting your content spread can play a major role in growing your business.

So what do you think plays the biggest role in determining whether strangers to your brand will reshare your content? As the clickbaiters say, “The answer will shock you!

If I asked you to guess the answer to my question posed above, I’d bet that you would respond with one or more of the following:

Quality of the content: Certainly, quality has to be in the mix. In the era of “Content Shock,” readers know they have lots of content to choose from and only so much they can actually read and then put into their sharing feeds. In addition, whether consciously or unconsciously, sharers are aware that what they share with their friends reflects on their own reputations, so they are less likely to share junk.

Type of content: Research released by BuzzSumo reveals that certain types of content (such as research studies, “how to’s” and case studies) tend to get more widely shared in the B2B space.
Brand and/or author reputation: It seems logical that people will be more willing to share content that comes from a brand or author they already like or trust. As I said above, sharers are aware that what they share reflects back on them, and they want to be associated with brands and people who are cool, well-thought-of and popular.

While all of those almost certainly play a role in prequalifying your content for mass sharing, it turns out there is a hidden factor that almost no one takes into consideration.

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Source: Marketing Land