Connect better with buyers to sell more

With more brands than ever chasing after the same handful of decision-makers, focusing on a highly defined audience when they are looking to switch, renew or buy is essential.

Apply sales and marketing tactics in an innovative way with CorporateLeaders to:

Build relationships and trust

By creating Lead Pools

We live in a world of low attention and trust. In fact, 47% of buyers say finding a vendor they can trust is one of their biggest challenges.

Go beyond clicks, opt-ins, and nurture flows to have meaningful connections and conversations with Lead Pool, a community-based marketing approach from CorporateLeaders. 

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Connect in meaningful ways

With ABM and Persona Marketing

Due to Covid-19, the amount of digital noise has greatly increased. The goal, then, is to cut through all that noise, not add to it. You still need quality content, but it must be highly targeted, adding real value.

Maximise your relevance by connecting in ways that will have the most impact.

Have conversations that stimulate

Through Content Marketing and Events

The strategy of churning out content or sponsoring enough conferences to strengthen your website’s SEO, build your email list and raise awareness is dying.

Engage in debate, share ideas and best practices through content and intimate events that address challenges and support the buyer journey.

Convert when the time is right

According to Buyer Intent and Insights

60% of buyers spend between 6-12 months researching a solution. Showing up too early, or too late might result in the prospect forgetting about you or going to the competition.

Knowing where accounts are in their contract cycle, who their current vendors are, when or if they are actively looking for a new solution and tailoring messages that lead to your solution is critical.

Improve close-won rates

Thanks to Nurturing that removes doubt

Only 21% of companies buy from a new vendor, while 45% buy from an existing one. Why? Because the purchasing process is very complex, there are on average 6.8 stakeholders involved, and change is risky, scary and disruptive.

Don’t let the status-quo or closed-lost be the outcome. Reframe beliefs, remove the unknowns and guide the decision-makers through all the steps to successfully choose the right partner.

The impact?

See some of the feedback from our clients and more importanly from buyers about our approach

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