Content Marketing Campaigns and Portfolio

Our content marketing work helps companies meet their goals by developing deep relations, building trust, driving engagement and creating strong brands.

Persona-based sales plays

There are so many areas of HR that can be transformed, from Core HR, Payroll, and Talent Development through to Talent Acquisition, Shared Services, and HRIS. Addressing these subfunctions and processes with a generic message will not generate impact.

Oracle briefed CorporateLeaders to create a strategy and persona-based sales plays with a rolling thunder approach for 20 different personas ranging from process leaders, HR Leaders and C-suite executives for their sales teams ABM outreach.

CorporateLeaders developed a flexible content framework, rollout plan, and library of 85 highly targeted and relevant assets consisting of reports, blogs, landing pages, emails, infographics, videos, and social messages that addressed each target persona’s unique business challenges.

Data driven campaigns

Since the Brexit referendum in the summer of 2016, there has been much uncertainty about the impact that Brexit will have on businesses. It has also created new risks and challenges for HR professionals. So, how ready are HR and payroll teams around Europe for Brexit, and what challenges do they feel are most problematic?

CorporateLeaders conducted a survey of 1,000 HR and payroll professionals from seven European countries. The respondents were surveyed on their preparedness for Brexit and asked how they are planning to resolve potential risks and challenges associated with Brexit. The survey results was then used as thought leadership and as content for a campaign to sell advisory and consulting solutions to help HR teams improve their Brexit readiness.


Not another home office webcast

In the peak of the pandemic IBM requested CorporateLeaders to deliver a high-impact, live, and interactive discussion that wasn’t another from home webcast. The goal was to help IT Security Leaders from 50 named accounts to prepare for future cyber threats, understand where new threats are likely to come from and how will they impact the business.

CorporateLeaders produced, promoted, managed, and hosted a live and interactive chat show from a former bank vault that generated 155  live attendees, 1,175 recording views, and 866 LinkedIn clicks from all named accounts.


Social assets at scale

Provide a social asset production service for G2’s Content Subscription clients to leverage competitive data and customer reviews sourced from G2 Reports.

Each client can request up to 3 ads and receive two concepts per ad in their own brand and tone of voice.

In 3 years CorporateLeaders has created over 1,500 LinkedIn and Facebook ads for over 280 brands.

Real-time peronalised content

The Center for Creative Leadership wanted to provide senior executives with an interactive and engaging way to show that leadership development is a journey and to discover how to become more effective leaders.

CorporateLeaders developed the Leadership Journey campaign consisting of a microsite, top of funnel content and a leadership diagnosis tool that provided real-time results and an auto-generated customised report. The report could be downloaded and was automatically sent to the visitor’s inbox within 30 seconds. The campaign was supported with a series of promotional and nurturing assets to attract and convert from visitor to MQL and to SQL.


Animated videos

Barco has been pioneering LED video walls since 1998 and wanted an animated timeline showcasing the key milestones and innovations they have achieved over the years. The video is also being used as a teaser leading to the launch of their next generation of LED video walls.

An exclusive network

Raytheon Professional Services wanted to create an exclusive environment to showcase thought leadership, discuss the latest trends and drive discussion amongst senior executives from named accounts free of competitors while building relationships and increase sales opportunities.

CorporateLeaders created the annual Raytheon Symposium which has been taking place in London and Frankfurt since 2015 bringing together over 75 executives for half a day of debate and discussion.

CorporateLeaders is responsible for all elements, including program and content development, event promotion, attendee acquisition and management, event and venue management, moderation, and post-event promotions.

Lead generation and Sales enablement

ADP requested that CorporateLeaders develop a worldwide campaign providing CEOs, CFOs, CHROS and CIOs with an understanding of the challenges they face when HR processes are not standardised in an international organisation.

Our response was to developed a multi-media campaign consisting of a report and ebook, 7 client testimonials, infographics, banner ads, email templates and videos translated into 9 languages that addressed the issues that each persona faces. The campaign generated over 1,000 sales opportunities across EMEA, APAC and LATAM and was a finalist for a Markie award for best international campaign.




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